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Work on the 1/32 Tamiya DeHavilland Mosquito has begun.

I finally decided what I am going to do with this kit. I'm going to build it as a harlequin. Have will be bare playwood//doped cotton/pristine paint and the other half will be done battle tested and weathered. I know. It sounds a bit strange, but I think it'll work. This plane was nicknamed the Wooden Wonder so I think that it would be appropriate to show its construction. The Mosquito was the fastest propellor driven aircraft of its time and was powered by 2 Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

I decided to upgrade the very nice kit engines with resin versions by Eduard. The detail in these things is amazing. I also found some additional accessories that wil enhance this already beautiful kit.

I started with the engines, but before I did anything, the parts were given a thorough cleaning in Dawn diswashing detergent and Ammonia cleaner. I wanted to make sure there is no mold release agent anywhere on the parts. Parts were soaked in a luke warm solution for about ten minutes before they were gently scrubbed with a soft paint brush.

I'm going to build these one at a time. It might take a little longer, but that's the way I want to proceed.

Before removal of casting blocks

Braided line from ANYZ

Sparkplugs and braided line from ANYZ

I wonder how long these will last before I break them off.

The Eduard engines come with sparkplugs and the look great, but I thought I would give the ones from ANYZ a try. They're beautifully cast. I also purchased 0.5 and 0.8mm braided line from them that I'll use for the ignition cables. I drilled out 12- 0.035" holes for the plugs into the cylinder head parts.


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