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Wingnut Wings Stahltaube Mercedes Engine

The beautiful little Mercedes engine has been completed. Everything went together quite nicely, and other than the mistake I made of cutting one of of the parts incorrectly (and damaging it) from the sprue, things went pretty smoothly. I decided that the molded-in valve springs had to go so I made new ones by coiling fine copper wire around a 0.010" steel wire 4 times for each spring. I made the spring caps from 0.010" thick Evergreen plastic strip. The rocker arms fit pretty well over the springs, although I think I could have give the copper wire one more turn as there is a slight gap between the caps and rocker arms. No big deal because this looks so much better than the stock parts.

Completed engine with weathering.

I painted the engine components with paints from several manufacturers. The brass was AK, Copperand Aluminum were from Alclad, black was from Mission Models, Silver was Testors, and the connecting hoses were painted with Vallejo.

the Aluminum metal was weathered using my standard technique that is demonstrated on a previous post.

I'm pretty impressed with the quality of this particular Wingnut Wings kit.

I thought the kit ignition wire tubing was pretty inferior so I made a new one from Albion telescoping brass tubing and used 0.015 lead wire for the ignition leads. Sparkplugs were made from 1/24 Top Model (brand) electrical connectors that look a lot like spark plugs.

Installed Engine

You can see more of this build on my Youtube channel where I describe the build in great detail. Please visit to watch theis build as it progresses.


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