• George

Weathering the Corsair

I painted the auxilliary gas tank in the same fashion as the rest of the plane using AK aluminum, MMP Yellow Chromate, and MMP Insignia White. I washed off the sal tafter the Insignia White was applied and dried the part thoroughly before proceeding with the weathering.

Distressing the part was rather straighforward and relatively easy.

I used Ammo of mig Dark Brown Panel Line Wash that I let dry for about half an hour followed by wiping it down with cotton swabs moistened ever-so-slightly with turpenoid and a final wipedown with a slightly mositened lint-free paper towel.

The microscopically rough surface produced by matte paints creates an absorbant medium for the enamel washes to penetrate. This stains the paint giving it a more realistic appearance.

Fuel stains were created using Ammo of Mig Fuel Stains.

I used an airbrush to blow the fuel back down the tank.


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