• George

Using Montex Masks

I've never used these before so I'm travelin in uncharted territory this time. These are die-cut vinyl masks made by Montex. The package contains an insignia set for the NZ version I'm building plus a USMC "Pappy" Boyington version. Decals for the "Mad Duck" are also included.

I started by following the illustrations they supplied with the masks. There are no instructions, but you can go online and read them.

I applied the overall outline masks and sprayed a light coat of MMP white, first. I went a little heavier where the center circle and bars go trying to avoid the edges as much as possible as I don't want to go too heavy and build up a ridge of paint, nor do I want the paint to bleed under the masks. I let the paint cure overnight.

White base coat added to insignias

All six insignias were painted at once.


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