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TMMI Hasn't paid for my article

A few months ago I was asked by Tamiya Model Magazine International to write an article for them on an F-16 I built a few years ago. I provided them with a couple, and one appeared in the January, 2020 issue and even made the cover. Needless to say, I was excited that my model made it in and was looking forward to the second one appearing in a later issue. I sent them an invoice for they amount they told me they would pay. Payment was supposed to be made to my Paypal account at the end of the issue month. That would have been the end January. I sent the invoice and then received notice that they had miscalculated the amount and could I send them a new invoice for the new, lower amount. I did that. A few weeks passed and I asked them where my money was. They they basically told me they didn't have itMy and that I would have to wait. Mind you, it is not a large amount. A week went by and I asked again for payment and I got more excuses. So here we are at the beginning of March and still no payment. Now they want to pay me in installments which, of course, I refused. It's not at all about the money as I would have been happy to volunteer an article for them, but they should have been honest and told me they had no money to pay contributors like myself. There are some really great magazines out there that are fantastic to work with that respect and value their contributors, but TMMI not so much, it seems.

You'll recognize the model from the photo above.

This isn't the first time a magazine has tried to screw me over. A few years ago, another UK based rag mag tried to get out of paying and it wasn't until I got on social media that the publisher himself paid me out of his own pocket after complaining and trying to make me out as the bad guy simply because I wanted what was rightfully mine and we had agreed on.

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