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The Zoukei-Mura Ho-229 Nears Completion

Here's another installment in the Ho-229 saga. Got the wings done tonight! That was a big accomplishment. Little fiddly parts that had to be attached. Actually, I thought I was done. It just occurred to me that I haven't put in the nav lights, yet.

The wings are only attached temporarily with brass pins. I weathered the tubular frame with simple pin washes of Ammo of MiG PLW. I used a dark brown, medium gray, and light rust. The metal parts were painted with AK Extreme Metal followed by application using a sponge lightly coated with Vallejo gun metal followed by a MiG wash. All very simple, but highly effective.

I most of the metal an aged, slightly oxidized look with AK Extreme Metal, Vallejo acrylics, and A Mig panel line wash. Very simple and it looks great.

The metal tub at the nose is the armor plating. I sanded the AK Metal after it had dried, then gave it the same treatment as all the other metal parts.

I made the wing tips metallic. Don't know if this is correct, but it made it a lot easier than trying to apply decals to a compound curve.

Top view showing the plywood finish.

It's just a jet powered boomerang.


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