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The Nightmarish 1/72 Amodel Mi-6

Work continues on the very difficult 1/72 Amodel Mi-6. When I say difficult, I mean that it is the worst kit on the planet. There's not a single part that doesn't need major re-work. Anyway, It's going to be fine since I'm building it as an abandoned, grafiti covered, deteriorating hulk. Here are a few WIP photos.

I used a thinly cut section of aquarium pump filter material to mottle the paint a little mush like some of the PE sets out on the market. I sprayed a slightly shade of gray by Mission Models paints first followed by an even lighter shade shot through the filter material. This was followed by darkened gray along the panel lines. The cockpit will hardly be seen through the dirty and cracked windows, but I did open a hatch up at the nose of the aircraft where you wil be able to see some detail. I found some lichen in the yard last year and dried it. I chopped it up into little peieces and glued it down with Mission Models Clear Matte varnish. The rear bulkhead will probably not be visible, but I added a grafiti decal to it.

1000 Grit Tamiya Sanding Sponge

After applying the gray primer, and after it cured thoroughly, I sanded the blades very lightly using a 1000 grit Tamiya sanding sponge. This removed any roughness and left a porcelain smooth surface. I then sprayed MMP Neutral Haze Gray lightened a bit (maybe 3:1) with white over the blades and left that to dry overnight.

Move the Sponge Along the Length of the Part

I had the idea of using a coarse sponge material to use as a way to mottle the paint so I found a small piece of Aquarium sponge in my stash and cut into very thin slices using scissors. I placed this right over the parts and sprayed the same paint mixture lightened with more white (maybe 3:2). You can certainly go lighter for a more pronounced effect. You can also go darker. I switched out sponge pieces once they got too wet as I didn't want to drag excess paint along the parts.

A Very Subtle Effect, but it Works

Darkened Haze Gray Sprayed Along Panel Lines

After all the blades were painted this way, I mixed up (by using the recommended MMP ratios of reducer and poly) more Neutral Haze Gray and added a couple of drops of black to it and a couple of extra drops of thinner/reducer to thin it out a little more. This was sprayed along the panel lines.

Next time: weathering the rotor arms and blades


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