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The Kitty Hawk F-35B Kit is a POS

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

I rarely bash kit manufacturers for their weird/incompetent engineering, but this kit really takes the cake. For the money, it has to be one of the worst kits ever manufactured. Let me tell you why.

First, The fit is hit or miss. Some areas of the kit have incredibly good fit and high tolerances. These include the cockpit and engine. No complaints here at all. The engines parts all fit together perfectly. The cockpit attaches to the fuselage with barely a milimeter to spare. That's basically where the positives end.

The engineeers at Kitty Hawk eveidently never built the kit after it was first molded. The wing-fuselage attachment has to be a mistake. There are female receptacles on both the wing and the fuselage making for a fit that's unstable, week and too tall for the wing surface to mate with the fuselage surface properly. I found a few mistakes like that dotted around the model.

Huh? This ain't gonna work. From what I read online, modelers have been cutting off the attachment points from the wings.

The fit of the weapons bays is way too tight under the gear wells so those had to be ground down with a bur. Once I did that, everything fit pretty well.

I added some wiring to the weapons bays and scratch built new louvres for the vertical fan.

The elevators and vertical stabilizers are strangley molded requiring a small section to be inserted into the parts in order to complete them. This results in a very distinct (read huge) gap in the middle of these components. Why did they do that? I've been scrtaching my head trying to figure that out.

I have no idea why they did this.

More awkwardness.

The fuselage itself consists of 4 parts if you count the nose. The main fuse halves were a little distorted and had to be coaxed into place.

More to come...


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