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The Horten H0-229 is finally finished

Wow. It took me exactly 4 months to finish this thing and what an amazing kit it was. It went together like a dream, and was its own inspiration.

Here's my quick and dirty review.

Instructions- Terrific in every way. Lots of beautiful drawings with clear and concise veiws of all assembly steps including photographs of completed subassemblies. One of my favorite little features was that when paints were needed to complete a step, colors were always shown by name and color key. This helps to save time by not having to refer somewhere else in the instruction manual to find out what color they are talking about.

Fit and molding quality- fit was always incredibly precise. Wing halves matched up perfectly, parts line up without having to cut, sand, bend or force them.

Detail- THE most detailed kit I have ever built. You can tell that Zoukei-Mura took their time researching this aircraft.

Enjoyment Factor- The precision, accuracy and overall quality enhanced the building experience. It felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend when I finished it.

The negatives- A minor annoyance was the aftermarket resin combustion chamber set sold by Volks USA. It's labeled as a Z-M product so I expected the same quality as in their kit. Instead, it was a resin set that was cast from a 3-D printed master. The resulting layer lines looked really rough and really clashed with the rest of the engine. The price was also way higher than the quality called for. Z-M should add these parts to their sprues and I'd be happy to pay a little extra for the kit.

The second thing that annoyed me was use of translucent plastic for the wings and body. They achieved this by creating a finely pebbled surface on the clear parts. This made painting a nightmare, and decals even worse. I had to sand everything down to 1000 grit to remove or minimize that horrible surface in order to get the paint to look smooth and to get proper adhesion of all the woodgrain decals.


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