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The Ho229's Engines Have Been Completed

These things were a bitch to finish. There are so many parts that go into and onto them, but the instructions are really clear and well thought out so the process wasn't that bad. I did have a cople of minor issues with color designations and careful research paid off. Turns out there are lots of Jumo004 pictures out there in web land, but they all look a little different. I just picked and chose which engine I wanted to approximate. In the end, it really doesn't matter and I'm very happy with the results. I ended up using Alclads for the metallics and these included Semi-matte Aluminum, Magnesium, Airframe Aluminum, Steel, Jet Exhaust, and White Aluminum. I used Ammo of Mig panel washes, and even though I used all lacquers, the PLWs took off some of that paint. I just cannot figure out why that is. I think I'm going to try AK Extreme Metals next time, but even so, I've never had PLWs dissolve Mr Paint lacquers before. I guess I need to do some testing. Anyway, here are some pics of the build.

I sanded the seams of the engine housing after gluing them with Tamiya thin glue. This probably wasn't all that necessary because these seams will be covered by shrouds and won't be visible.

Here's the cover for the engine that will be displayed open to show its highly detailed guts. You can see the black base showing through a bit due to the Alclad being washed away.

I used a neutral wash on the "anodized" portions. Interestingly, the wash did not dissolve the paint under it.

The shroud halves pre-painted. These go around the engine and will need to be sanded at the seams.

The engines about to be weathered. I'll post more engine pics later. The frame is next...


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