• George

The Ho 229 looks pretty cool

I'm progressing slowly (as usual) on the 1/32 ZM Ho 229. The engines are on to check the fit (which is perfect). I'm keeping the weathering fairly light to simulate shop dust more than anything as this will represent an unpainted plywood subject. We'll see how this progresses and I might change my mind later. I'm hoping to enter this in the Oregon Modelers Society event in September. I tend to build at a snail's pace so we'll see.

I used a light gray and reddish brown mix of Ammo of Mig PLW and gave the frame a spotty wash. I didn't worry about full coverage and concentrated more on the joints and the tops of the tubes. After it dried, I very gently and lightly wiped the excess off leaving a bit more than usual on the pipes. I'll hit some areas a little more with tiny amounts of blue-black PLW.

I'm very pleased with the results so far. This was my first attempt at simulating wood grain.


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