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The Ho 229 Flying Wing Wing

THis is definitely the most detailed wing I've ever built. The ribs, spars, tank, linkages are all there and I wanted to expose all of it. This means a lot of work. The problem was, though, that I didn't want to paint it all one color. I thought that would turn out blah and boring. I needed to add some kind of contrast so I settled for a compromise. I would paint the ribs and spars a similar grayish-blue as the frame, but weather it it so it looked like the paint had faded and peeled off the wood. The inside of the skin panels would be bare wood and would add the needed contrast.

In a previous entry, I showed you how I painted and weathered the wing shell. Here are a few pics of the details.

Here's the spar/rib part. After the primer, I painted the part with a lightened Mr Color "Sail" color. I let that dry and decanted a few ml of hirspray into the cup of my airbrush and let the bubbles settle. I then sprayed it on the part and let it dry completely. I then sprayed a custom mix of Tamiya color onto it and let that dry. I then chipped and faded the paint by dabbing a coarse, stiff brush soaked in water to loosen and soften the Tamiya paint.

Same technique was applied to this rib.

Some of the wing components.

The completed wing.

The outside bottom of the wing is decaled and sealed with Alclad flat clear.

The wings have been temporarily attached using brass pins. The beast is starting to come together.


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