• George

The F-35B Cockpit

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

This turned out to be a little gem. The molding is plain but decent. There's very little detail, but with the addition of the kit-supplied PE and careful painting, it builds up to be quite an impressive item.

I gave the seat a little bit of texture by applying some Mr Surfacer 500 to the cusions and witing a few minutes for it to dry a bit before stippling it with a stiff brush. It's more noticeable in the pictures than it is in person. I used Mission Models paints to paint the different shades of blacks to modulate the tones somewhat.

I added a decal from a spare sheet to the top of the seat.

The kit instrument decal looks pretty cool since it's an all glass panel and lacks any physical buttons.

Even though the real seat harness is black, I opted for a dark green just to give it some interest and to separate it from all the blackness.


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