• George

The F-35's engine.

The engine came out really well, I must say. The fit and detail of the kit parts is actually really good.I've mentioned before that this kit is full of contradictions. On the one hand, you get malformed parts, excessively large ejection pin marks, weird plugs that stick out about 1/4 of an inch, super soft plastic, and missing sections of fuselage. On the other hand you get incredible detail on some parts, and perfect fit here and there.

One of those perfect fit items is the engine. The two haves of the main body are cleverly molded so that seams become almost imperceptible when glued. The intake fans fit perfectly with a Tamiya or Zuokei-Mura precision. I was only going to paint he visible parts of the engine, but decided to do the whole thing and I'm glad I did. It's absolutely beautiful. I painted the body of the engine using Alclad gray primer and microfiller and followed that up with a 50/50 mixture of Alclad magnesium and pale burnt metal.

Pretty damn good rendition of the engine.

The intake fan was painted with Alclad titanium and the top lades with Alclad chrome and highlighted with a chrome pen.


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