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The Do-335 Engines

These are very cool littl kits in and of themselves. Z-M really does a nice job on their engines. You can check out what I mean by taking a look at my Ho-229 build.

I decided to assemble them and paint them as sub-assmblies. The engine blocks as one, and all the other add-on parts seperately. I think this approach will make it easier to weather eaverything.

Assembly is pretty straightforward. I just kinda sorta followed the instructions so there is nothing really more to sy about that.

Engine blocks and intakes completed.

Painting is where all the effort is going to go. I started by using Mission Models black primer.

This stuff goes on quite smoothly and evenly. I initially mixed the paint too thin using their thinner (that activates the primer) so I simply added a bit more primer until my airbrush was happy with the viscosity. This stuff is pretty forgiving in that regard. I let that dry overnight.

Mission Models Black Primer was used on all the sub-assemblies.

The next evening I began painting by first laying down a coat of Mission Models plain ole black. I followed that up by hitting random areas with mixtures of black/tire black, tire black, RLM 66/white, RLM 66/black, and a few other changes in tone/shade. I just didn't want a solid black of indistinguishable plastic.

Some of the shades used.

Here you can see the variation in tones.

I let everything dry overnight again because it was, after all, New Years Eve.

The next day (today), I dabbed on some Vallejo black paint radomly onto the engine blocks. I've found that this paint reacts slightly differently to enamel washes and produces some very subtle tonal variations. I used this technique on my Horten's bare metal parts.

Sponge application of Vallejo black Acrylic

This stuff dries in just a few minutes. I then applied a wash using Mig Neutral Gray. I brushed it on liberally and waited a few minutes before wiping it off with a lint-free paper towel.

The wipe

I was careful not to wipe too much off, and even so, I applied more later on. This was followed by a few pin washes using deep brown and stone.

I made my usual slurry of Mig Fresh Engine Oil, pastels and thinner and added various oil leaks and stains.

After the different washes

Oil leaks and stains added.

You can check out how I make oil stains by looking through earlier blog posts.


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