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The Corsair is finally getting painted

I've been putting this off for days now because I was a bit nervous about painting this bad boy. I knew I wanted to create a really well used, almost worn- out corsair that's seen better days. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try the hairspray technique or salt, whether or not to use my old stand-by paint by Mr Paint, or try the new stuff from Mission Models. In the end, I decided to go with salt and Mission Models Paints (MMP). Below is a step-by-step explanation of the process.

Mission Models Gray Primer was shot on the upper surfaces.

Mission Models White and Gray Primer shot on the bottom

I started by spraying the model with MMP Gray on the top, and gray and white on the bottom. This is going to be essentaially a two-tone paint scheme with Dark Sea Blue accents.

AK Interactive extreme Aluminum was shot on worn areas.

Next, I sprayed AK interactive Extreme Metal Aluminum on areas the were to receive the most weathering like the wing leading edges and walkways. I experimanted with MMP Aluminum, but quite frankly, I thought it a bit weak looking and didn't stand up to salting, brushing and rinsing. AK is pretty tough stuff and went down perfectly over the MMP Primer.

The next step was to selectively wet the surface of the model where the wear and tear occur. I added a couple of drops of detergent from a Target brand spray bottle to my water in order for the water to cover the paint evenly. The water puddles up if you don't add detergent or some other surfactant.

I let this dry completely and sprayed the model with MMP Chromate Yellow Paint.

MMP Chromate Yellow.

At this point, I satrted wishing that I had decided to build an unpainted, factory primered example because this liiks really cool. Maybe the next Corsair I build.

More to come. Stay tuned...


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