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The 1/72 Amodel Mi-6 is finally done- yay!!

This thing was a beast and as many of you know, I complained about this kit from the very beginning of its construction. As I've said many times, nothing fit, parts were warped, there were sink holes, globs of plastic smolded onto many surfaces and lots of flash. Anyway, the damn thing turned out great and I'm very happy with it. It was actually a lot of fun to build. It got a little tedious at times and I felt as though it was 2 steps forward and 1 1/2 steps back most of the way.

If I didn't mention this before, I'll mention it now. This is for a chapter on building and weathering Soviet aircraft by AK Interactive. The art director is in Turkey and the company is in Spain so this is quite the international effort. They're about to publish my Mig-31 chapter and it looks pretty nice.

Talk about horrendous fit.

Russian yellow primer over bare metal

Faded greens over yellow primer

Weathering with oils and panel line washes

Tail section with that bare metal effect showing.


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