• George

The 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35B Engine

So far so good. I used some old PE from a 1/32 F-16 set from Eduard to supply some brackets and the bolts along the first section. I scrounged around and found a piece from an old helicopter model for the junction box, and used some copper and lead wires for the plumbling. Nothing really extraordinary here, but it will add so much to the finished model. The two halves of the exhaust peice fit together pretty nicely. I ended up removing the locating pins and cleaned up the insides alot in order to get this thing to look like a single piece. The seams were filled both inside and out. That was a bit tedious, but now I'm happy with the results.

The ends of the wires won't be seen in the finished model.

Removal of the locating pins meant I could slide the pieces around until I got perfect alignment. I filled the seam with a home made filler that I made from chopped up sprue mixed into Tamiya liquid cement.


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