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The 1/32 Eduard Merlins

The engines are almost entirely assembled. I added ssome braided line to replace a couple of very delicate resin hoses that I broke while trying to remove them from their pour stubs. It seemed easier to replace them than to try to glue the fragments together.

Plumbing and wiring added to supercharger area

The rest of the assembly is pretty straightforward. It's interesting to note that there are slight differences between the left and right engines. This made it easier to see which was which since this will become important later on as we shall see. Hmmm... not going to give too much away yet.

Mr Hobby masking solution applied before painting

I used 0.010", 0.015" and 0.020 lead wire from Bass Pro Shops for the wiring. I'm leaving the sparkplugs off and their ignition wires off until later. They're way too delicate to risk breaking off.

Black Mission Models primer layed down first

I sprayed the engines with a coat of Mission Models Black Primer and let that dry overnight. Since this model will be a harlequin of sorts with one side pristine and showing the wooden construction, and the other will be a pretty beat up example with lots of wear and tear, the port side engine will get an extreme weathered appearance and starboard will look factory fresh. It was going to be the other way around, but I messed up by weathering the port side. Oh well...


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