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Pegasus Hobbies Moonlander 2

I started with the main base/frame that holds the rocket engines and the legs. Once again, this is pretty straight forward, but requires somecareful assembly because the parts are a little fragile (what model isn't?).

I used the Paragrafix photo etch detail set to enhance the engines. The engines have hexagonal bells (von Braun's idea) and the honeycomb PE screens fit perfectly. These were attached with super glue and the edges were carefully sanded afterwards so that they look integral to the engines and not glued on.

18 main engines and the PE additions.

The 12 directional thrusters were given the same treatment. It is important to note that I carefully sanded all the seams on the engines after the ceement had thoroughly set. I used Flexifile sanding strips that I cut to the width of the bell sections. I used coarse, medium and fine for this. This was a tedious process, but the results are worth it. You can't see any seams on these at all.

Once I assembled everything separately, I painted the parts using Mission Models paints. I used Semi-Gloss Aircraft Gray for the frame and legs, and several metallic shades that I mixed and matched for the engines.

The trusters are attached

The completed base

What are those wires? You'll see in the next installment.


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