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Pegasus Hobbies Moonlander

This is something out of the ordinary for me. Ever since my Godmother gave me a a Dr Suess book titled "You Will Go To The Moon", I've been fascinated with the 1950s view of space travel/ Not much was known back then about how we would actually get there let alone land on the damn thing, but Werner von Braun and an artsit named Chesley Bonestell had some pretty fanciful ideas of how to do it. Von Braun proposed a monstrous, 350 foot tall behemoth with 30 rocket engines and huge rubber tanks clad in armor to be built in space. The components were to be transported into earth orbit by ferry rockets that were bigger than a Saturn V at the rate of one every 24 hours. Imagine the cost. In space, crews on a space station would perform EVAs and assemble the giant lander as parts were delivered. Chesley Bonestell illustrated these concepts and his paintings are now considered classics.

Chesley Bonestell's Moonlander Painting

Ferry Rocket and Space Plane

These are two great examples of 1950s space art.

The Pegasus Hobbies Moonlander is a really close approximation of the original concept and the quality of the parts is fantastic. I have to say that it's Tamiya quality. Everything fits together perfectly. The only thing I changed were the vertical support pieces. The kits parts are fine, but I just find that cleaning seam lines yields less than satisfactory results with small rods. Instead, I opted for Evergreen 0.060" rods which are slightly bigger than the kit parts. This meant reaming out the holes for the rods on all the support braces. This is really no big deal. The kit parts are also keyed so i just drilled out the reciving holes on the base to accomodate the new rods. More on that later.


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