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Painting the MiG-31, continued

I continued to pre-shade the fuselage with blues and brown on order to subtly break up the overall Traffic Gray that will be applied last. As you can see in the previous post, I sprayed yellow over the salt covered aluminum areas. Next, I'll scrape off all the salt and re-cover those same areas with fresh salt before I paint the gray. This will randomize the paint chipping so that it doesn't look fake. I want it to appear as though the paints is coming off in layers.

A bit of pre-shading to the nose. This will also get the salt treatment.

The tale gets a few extra colors of pre-shading. Mr Paint is very translucent so this will give the colors a bit of depth.

The salt has been removed with a stiff brush and a little water.

You can see here where I added the salt to randomize the chipping. I've already removed from the aft top panel. The effect is subtle and far more realistic-looking.

The salt has been removed from the spine. I purposely didn't spray any yellow here so that it wouldn't look to monotonous.

More later...


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