• George

Painting the Ekranoplan

Some have asked- Why the aluminum? Basically, I'm layering colors, shades and texttures in order to achieve additional depth and interest. Here, I sprayed some areas with a cheap hairspray. I allowed it to dry thoroughly and follwed it with some sporadically airbrushed Vallejo German Yellow (with a couple of drops of Yellow). I let that dry and then "chipped" it using a stiff wet brush applied to it randomly in order to wear the paint off and to expose the aluminum underneath. I'll use the same technique after adding some browns, grays, rusts, greens and blues. This should take a few days to a week to accomplish, but the results will be worth it.

I applied a light coat of thinned MRP flat clear to seal this step so that I don't chip any more off later. This is quite a complex process.


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