• George

Painting the Do-335 Part 97

Progress has been slow because there are so many damn parts. It looks more weathered than most 335's because this one was captured by the allies and shipped back to the US for testing. It will have all the German insignias covered up in black and the stars and bars will be placed on the the fuselage. Lots of work left to do. I found the fit of the props a bit sloppy so I drilled a few holes into the spinner plate and inserted neodynium magnets into them. Steel washers were added to the front of the engine so now the fit is tight and secure. I also added a couple of magnets to the bottom of the front wheel. The base will have a corresponding metal plate so that the magnets will stick to it just in case the plane tail-sits. Paint is of course, Mission Models throughout. I used a little hairspray at first to chipthe paint, but I found that I could skip that step by using a toothpick moistened with a little water. You have to work at it a little bit, but I think you have more control over the amount you chip off. I applied the wing decals and sprayed the tops of the wings with Mission Models Matte Clear. This was followed by rubbing the surface after it was completely cured with a lint free paper towel. This will allow the decals to accept the weathering oils and enamels at the same rate as the paint.

I drilled .125" holes into the spinner plate and carefull glued magnets to it.

Magnets in front wheel will attached to corresponding plate on base.

Chipping has begun.


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