• George

Painting the Do-335 Beast

So painting this thing is turning out to be a little more complicated than I originally thought. The paint hasn't been behaving very well, and masking the cockpit, engines, and fuel tak area are going to be a nightmare. I painted the entire model with Alclad Gray Primer/Microfiller diluted with a little Tamiya lacquer thinner. So far so go. The surface, as usual, turned out a bit grainy and that was fixed by rubbing everything down with a lint free paper towel. I used the prepainted covers to mask off the afore-mentioned areas. This worked well enough, but some dried over-spray made it into the compartments. This was easily cleaned off, but served as a warning of future problems.

Picture of a somewhat masked-off model

The model was left to thoroughly dry for a few days before various shades of AK Interaktive were sprayed.I removed the tamiya masking tape and lo and behold, it left a sticky residue behind. This required removal with lighter fluid which took off some of the Aluminum paint.

The covers over the engine and gas tank helped to mask the parts underneath.

All the stuff that needs to be attached.

This kit has been a bit frustrating to build. First, the clear parts were an absolute bitch to assemble and paint. Second, there are so many parts and so much detail that just when you think you're done, something else pops up that needs to be addressed. I'm finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.


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