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Painting the Corsair, Pt. 2

A rinsed off the salt after the paint cured. MMP uses a 3 component paint system. There's the paint, the thinner and a polyurethane addative that make the paint pretty tough and resilient. It also helps to slow drying times a bit, too. The result is s silky smooth finish. For my taste, I think it's a bit messier to use than lacquers. I'm used to using a minimum of lacquer thinner to clean my airbrush. I tend to use way more water and since I don't have a sink in my workshop, I get it everywhere.

Anyway, here's the result:

I blew off as much water as I could using my air compressor and a hairdryer set to low heat to dry the model off. I repeated the salt procedure again for the pre-shading and intermediate blue application.

Various shades of Intermediate Blue were used next

I sprayed various shades of Intermediate Blue on the model. I guess this could be considered post-shading. I added Blue Gray and white to the IB to lighten it, and added dark Sea Blue and gray to darken it.

Next, I added what references shoed to be in-theater touch ups performed by crews in the Pacific Theater. After this dried, the salt was rinsed off again and the model dried.

Looks a bit clownish at this point.

As you can see, it looks a bit fake and clownish. That will be fixed. Stay tuned...


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