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Painting the 1/32 Eduard Merlins

I left off with putting down the primer on my last post. I started to paint yesterday and left things to dry overnight since today is going to be abuse day. Since the post engine will be heavily weathered, I painted it differently in order to enhance and to provide a good foundation for the weathering that will be be applied.

I painted the engines a mixture of Mission Models Panzer gray and Black overall. This was followed by the same colors with the addition of a drop or two of light gray. This was sprayed on all the top surfaces to simulate light hitting it from above. That's pretty much where I stopped with the starboard (factory fresh) engine. The port received additional shades of Mission Models Rail Tie brown, Tire black, black, panzer gray all mixed together to achieve a dirty, dusty effect.

Starboard engine painted with black, Panzer Gray, and light gray.

Paints used on the port engine.

Weathering is next...


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