• George

OMG- These engines have a lot of parts! 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ho229

Work continues on the ZM 1/32 Ho229. The detailing is excellent.I bought an aftermarket combustion chamber set from Volks USA and I was not impressed. It looks like it was cast from a 3D printed master so it's full of very thin layer marks (striations) that are enough to take away from the beauty of the set, and for some reason, CA glue would not stick to this stuff even after washing the parts in ammonia and isopropyl alcohol. The flange that attacheds to the compressor stage was warped so I cut it off and replaced it with the nicer kit part.

The internal turbine parts are incredibly well detailed and fit together perfectly. The compressor blades even spin.

I decided to build the aircraft with both engines installed (we'll see), but with one left open like this. The exhaust nozzle is merely resting on the engine half. This still needs to be painted. I cleaned up some ejector pin marks and sanded everything down to a 3000 grit. The little white filler tabs will be trimmed and cleaned up so that the edge has a clean line. I may fix the gap between the combustion chamber and the exhaust nozzle.


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