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Montex Masks and NZ National Insignias

I decided when I first saw a photo of an Angry Duck New Zealand version of the F4U-1A Corsair that I would build one. I looked around on the interweb for decals, but chose to use Montex masks instead because these would allow me some creative freedom to weather and distress them a bit. At least that was my plan. Turned out a bit differently.

Montex masks, like other brands, are made from adhesive backed vinyl. The only problem is that the vinyl distorts quite easily as the masks are applied to the complex shape of the fuselage. This was as problematic on the wings, but it was still a problem. Since the masks are made up of multiple sections, alignment was nearly impossible to acheive. This, of course, made the roundels look really bad.

That wasn't the worst thing that occured, although that in itslef trashed the model. What was even worse was that the masks pulled the 4 layers paint and primer right off the plastic! I nearly went B-47 on it and destroyed it right there, but I had way too much time and money invested in it so I took a wad of 0000 steel woll and rubbed off the paint down to the bare plastic. I then cleaned the area up with Mr Color paint thinner 400.

I re-primered the plastic but this time with Alclad gray with a little acetate thinner mixed in hopes that the primer will adhere to the plastic a little better. I then sprayed MMP paints onto the fullt dried primer.

I've been havin a terrible time lately getting any paint to stick these days. I have no idea why this is happening. My B-47 was a total disaster when the Tamiya masking tape pulled off all the Alclad and AK metals off.

Montex masks and first coat of white applied.

A custom mix of blue was sprayed


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