• George

MiG-31- Painting Continues

Okay... The paint's been sprayed. As you know, I decided to do something a little different. I masked off a few panels and painted them with a combination of Lemon Gray (Russian primer), Yellow chromate, and a little white for dimension). The nose was painted a light gray, first followed by some hairspray here and there in order to chip it later. I wanted to show a well-worn nose. After the hairspray dried, I hit it with Mr Paint Gray for dielectric panels and waited a few minutes for that to dry.. I then used an old brush and plain water to work at chipping away the paint. It takes a little effort and patience, and restraint to accomplish this. The water has to penetrate the top layer of paint and work it's way down to the hairspray in order to dissolve it. This takes a few minutes, but once it starts, you have to be careful not to take too much off. This was also repeated along the windscreen frame, black anti glare panel, and tails.

Chipping of the front end.

Subtle chipping of the dielectric panels on tail.

Primer panels.

Another view of the tail. You can see the streaking produced by the pre-shading.

The overall effect is pretty cool.


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