• George

Kitty Hawk Engine Update

I'm sure you saw the last post on this subject. Well, things have change a bit. Although I was pretty happy with the results so far, I decided to make a few changes. I attended the IPMS national convention in Phoenis a couple of weeks ago and checked out some of the amazing car models in the contest room. I was really impressed by the level of detail I saw. Anyway, the thought occured to me that I should probably use hose and wiring connectors on my jets. I found some made by a company called Top Studio. They make resin and metal detail parts including some pretty awesome braided hoses. I bought a bunch of different kinds of resin connectors in 1/24 scale figuring that airplanes are going to use much larger connectors than cars. They have different size connectors so you can choose which ones are appropriate for your model.

I removed soem of the lead wire I had originally used on my engine and replaced it with new connectors and braided hoses. The results are spectacular.


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