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It has Begun! The 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho-229 Flying Wing Build

I just got this kit a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know- I have tons of other kits that I wanted to start on, but when I saw how complex and thorough this kit was, I simply couldn't resist the temptation to start on it right away.

The kit comes in a very sturdy clamshell box inside what appears to be an industry standard box. The various sprue are packaged inside poly bags so nothing really different there.

Outermost box cover.

The clamshell box. I ordered a set of HGW's cloth seatbelts, and a set of Z-M plywood decals because that's about all I'll need. There is a resin combustion chamber set and I might order one for one of the engines.

The Instruction booklet is nicely done and is reminiscent of something the Germans might have actually printed in 1945.

Illustrations, explanations and building tips, and suggestions are superb.

Sprues are nicely organized. The plastic they used is a bit soft for my taste. I prefer the type used on AMK's MiG-31 which is a little harder without being brittle.

I started with the engines as instructed. The complexity of the assemblies require that everything stay segregated until assembly. I want to paint these individually, first, then assemble the parts. These are for the compressor stage and each engine requires 27 parts just for this.

I nearly broke off a few compressor blades using a sprue cutter. The jaws produce some unwanted torque that gets transmitted to the parts causing them to twist. I avoided this by cutting the parts from the sprues with a knife on a small spool of wire.

More to come. Stay tuned


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