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Ho 229 - The Engines

I'm pretty impressed with the kit so far. I cleaned up the compressor and turbine nozzle parts and started painting them. Mr Paint white primer was sprayed first and the parts were left overnight to dry. This alone took about three hours. I sprayed the compressor housing with a mixture of Alclad Magnesium, Clear Green, Clear Red, and a hint of Clear Blue to get the "anodized" look that my references showed.

The compressor blades were painted with a mixture of Alclad Magnesium (1/3) and Alclad Semi-matte Aluminum (2/3) in order to achieve a steel tone.The Germans didn't have access to metals such as chromium and aluminum toward the end of the war, so they made these parts from steel. A typical Jumo 004 had to be replaced after 10 hours of use.

Turbine Nozzel before clean-up.

After rough sanding with 320 grit.

Gaps filled with Tamiya Basic Putty.

Compressor housing painted with my "anodizing" finish.

Inlet parts assembled. Seams were filled with Tamiya Basic Putty and will be sanded to a polished finish with sandpaper wrapped around a .5" dia. dowel

Turbine blade painted with the Alclad mixture. I didn't bother to remove the ejector pin marks because they won't be visible after assembly.

Inlet cone painted with semi-matte aluminum and Duraluminum at the tip.


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