• George

Ho-229 Final Stretch- Part 2

I added Uschi van der Rosten decals to the underside of the right wing and I'm about to start on the center section. I've decided to leave both of these pieces off of the model and will put them on a scratch-built assembly stand instead (at least that's the plan). I haven't decided what to do with the nose section yet. That part has a lot of compound curves and an interior that will be extremely difficult to replicate. I engraved panel lines on the undersides of the wing and center section that match the tops and metal covers, but I can't really do that with the nose. The mottling on the control surfaces and canopy is just pre-shading.

The center section is ready for its decals. I'm running pretty low on my custom gray and I'll probably only have enough for the control surfaces and canopy. The nose may have to be wood paneled.


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