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Ho-229 Final Stretch- Part 1

It's been a little while since I last added to my blog. The weather is finally improving here in Beaverton and the sun has been out and the temps have warmed up. That means yard work and pressure washing. Life has gotten in the way of modeling.

Here are a couple of pics of how this thing is shaping up. The right wing and center section have received their top treatment. The undersides will also be fully detailed with wood paneling and bare metal.

I've been using Mr Mark Softer for apllying the decals, but I noticed one thing- it dissolves lacquer paint! It seems to affect the paint more when it's a discreet droplet. Not only did it remove spots of Mr Pain lacquer, but it also removed AK Extreme Metal. I switched to Microscale MICROSOL and I think it actually works better. The Uschi van der Rosten plywood decals soften up nicely and seem to adhere to the rough paint better. It doesn't seem to affect the paint, and they trim up better without as much tearing.

I custom mixed a gray shade from several Mr Paint lacquers and used the salt technique to create a blistered appearance above the engine. You can see how I did that by checking out my blog entry for the MiG-31.

I chose the gray based on the example at the Smithsonian. The wings are attached temporarily with brass pins.


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