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Do-335 Update- The Forward Engine

Wow! This seems to be taking forever to finish, but I'm finally there. Here's the completed (well, almost) forward DB603 engine. This is a small kit by itself. There's lots of plumbing and little bits all over the place- and it all has to be detailed. I used Ak interactive Extreme metal for the shiny parts and Mission Models Paints for the rest. Weathering was done with Mig washes. I still need to add a few washes here and there to the plumbing to bring it down a little, but for the most part, this bad boy is done.

You can check out weathering in a previous blog. Next comes the aft engine and hopefull this will get done this afternoon.

Some of the paint has worn off from all the handling, but that will all be retouched befroe the engine is iinstalled. Notice that I avoided painting rusted exhausts. All the color references I've see show a dull metallic appearance. I used Alclad Burnt Iron mixed with Dull Aluminum to created that effect. I used plain Burnt Iron on the tips and painted the insides with flat black.


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