• George

Do-335 Part 342

I started applying the decals. I bought a set from EagleCals that correspond to the Do-335 that was captured by the US for flight testing. This plane fell into disrepair and was subsequently returned to Germany for restoration. It was then sent back to the US where it resides alongside the Ho-229 at the National Air and Space Museum.

Once the decals have been applied, I'll let it dry in front of my workshop's space heater and give it a coat of Mission Models Clear Matte before I start weathering it with oils, enamels, panel line washes and pastels.

The German crosses, Swastikas, etc are going to get a coat of semi-transparent black paint

These crosses will also get blacked out..

I need to experiment to see how I'm going to black out the insignias so that they look realistic and not like I went nuts with my airbrush. I may use Mission Models Rail Tie Brown mixed with MMP transparent medium. It seems a shame to cover these up, but that's what they did back in '46.


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