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Do-335- Details, Details, and More Details

Here are some shots of the interior detail of this beast. Surprisingly, most of it will be visible in the final model. Once again, all the silver parts were painted with Alclad Xtreme Metals and weathered in the usual way. The fire extinguishers were painted with Mission Models acrylics and weathered with Ammo enamels. Image quality is not that great because as it turns out The 100mm Zeiss Milvus Makro lens I use is a piece of shit and is being repaired by Zeiss. This thing isn't cheap and for the money, you'd expect better image quality.

It's a plastic submarine sandwich!

Oil cooler assembly and prop drive shaft.

The oild cooler assembly supports the rear prop drive shaft and unfortunately this won't be visible. It's about the only thing that will remain hidden.

Looks pretty grimy.


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