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Do-335 Decals are done and weathering begins

I added the decals to my 1/32 D0-335, then sprayed MMP Matte Clear. I let that dry, then painted over the German insignias witha a mixture of MMP Transparent Medium mixed (maybe 20 drops) with a couple of drops of black to simulate the semi-transparent black the US used over the markings. This looks just like my references.

Additional chipping performed on the top of the fuselage

The insignias were covered with a mixture of Mission Models Transparent Medium and Black

I wasn't exactly sure how the semi-transparent black was going to work and I took a huge chance spraying it witout testing it first. Luckily, the 5:1 ratio of Medium to Black worked fine. I added a couple of drops of MMP thinner to the mix just to get it through my airbrush.

After that, I brushed Mig Neutral Gray Wash over the top a section at a time. I waited 4 or 5 minutes before wiping things off with a lint-free paper towel. I then used a Mig Dark Brown PLW for some of the panel lines. Not all got this treatment.

Smoke and soot stains added

I used Alclad Burnt Iron for the smoke and soot stains along the sides of the aircraft being extremely careful not to over-do it. I was going to use Alclad Jet Exhaust, but I wanted a more burned metal look to it than just a plain brown stain. I might still do a very light misting of it though. Not sure.


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