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Back to work on the Ho-229

Just got back from vacation to Yosemite. Definitely should be on everybody's bucket list of places to visit.

I've made some progress on the Horten. The right wing has been completed. I decided I'm not going to "skin" the top of the wing. I'll finish the part, but it won't be attached to the model. Still haven't decided what to do on the body, though. I did add the bottom plate as you'll see below in the pics. I really couldn't fine enough references for the bottom "beaver tail" section. Zoukei-Mura is ambiguous here. There are no panel lines on the triagular section, but they did add rivet detail so I'm going to assume that it was metal. Maybe it was wood, maybe it wasn't. Anyway, I made it metal, and it looks cool contrasted by the wood panels on either side.

Here's the "Beavertail" Section. I used AK interactive metallics, Vallejo acrylics, and Ammo of Mig washes to achieve this effect. Wood paneling is decal film.

Bottom view of the body shows the wood paneling. The "beavertail" is on temporarily for the photo.

The top of the "beavertail". I added a small accumulation of rust around corners and seams where water might have pooled.

Top view showing the wood paneling of the bottom cover. Z-M did not mold panel lines so I took advantage of the fact that the part is was molded in clear plastic and scored them. I added oil and fuel stains, but you can't see them in this image.


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