• George

3D Prints for the 1/32 Apollo CSM

I printed the astronaut couches as the first set of parts for the the Revell Apollo and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with them. It took three tries to get them right because I had no idea what I was doing initially. I oriented them incorrectly and used insufficient and poorly placed supports. Because of this, some details either didn't print properly or failed to print altogether. It's definitely a learning process.

The level of detail is pretty amazing and the accuracy of the parts is far superior to the kit's. I painted them with AK black base followed by several shades of metallics. The canvas slings were painted with Vallejo acryllics. I was ot too happy with my color selection so I stripped all the paints off and will repaint at a later date.

The interior walls were also printed, but I'm not that happy with the regular lines that showed up on the print. This too will be reprinted using a diffenernt orientation and print settings.

I got some funky diagonal lines on the print.


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