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1/72 Amodel Mi-6 KVP Helicopter

I was asked by AK Interactive to write a chapter on building and weathering a Soviet-era aircraft and so I chose this monstrosity. This was the world's largest helicopter when it was first designed back in the mid 1950s, and it's quite large on 1/72 scale- almost as big as my 1/35 Mi-24.

Amodel is a company out of the Ukraine and this particular kit looks like it was molded using dies from the 1950s. There is heavy flash on every part that requires careful clean-up. Nothing fits as it should, there are no locating pins, there are huge blobs of plastic obscuring the detail on some parts, sprues from other helicopter kits that don't match anything on the instructions, warped parts, and inconsistent panel lines that have to be re-scribed. Other than that, it's a great kit. The instructions are pretty good, though.

This thing's going to be built as a run down, derelict ship that's been rotting outside in a Russian air museum/junkyard for some time complete with faded paint, grafiti and bird poop. It should be quite a challenge. But then again, I like a good challenge especially after building a few really amazing kits like the Tamiya Corsair and the Zoukei-Mura products.


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