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1/48 QF-4E Work in Progress

Yeah, I know. This is out of order. Most things I do are never in any particular order. I randomy bump into things in life so why should model building be any different. As I may have mentioned before, this is a somewhat accurate (for me) conversion of Hasegawa's venerable F-4G wild Weasel into a QF-4-E Target Drone. I recently attempted to build Academy's new F-4J with disastrous results, but it lef me with tons of parts that I can use on other models. At least it wasn't a total waste.

QF-4Es have a bunch of different antennas that are not normally present on othe F-4s. I guess this is because of all the telemetry used during remote controlled and manned flight. I added this strange little guy using Evergreen plastic stock, The top of the tail is from the Academy kit. It was a little thinner than the original, but with a little sanding and CA filler, I was able to match the two up quite nicely.

Additional antennae that are only bound to break off later. What was I thinking?

My reference pictures show a couple of empty weapons pylons attached to the wings of QF-4s so I decided to detail these a little with some plastic card. I plugged up the huge slots with plastic card and shaped the mounting points from curved flat rod.

I wrapped some Evergreen flat stock (.040 x .100) around a large hole punch and used a hot air gun to soften and shape the plastic. Care must be taken not to melt the stuff. Once the plastic cooled, I cut and shaped the peices.

Rough sanding of the anti-sway bars.

Final shaping has been completed and parts from the Academy kit have been added. I had to re-scribe all the raised panel lines, first. That was a pain in the ass.

I did buy a set of resin exhausts from Eduard. Painted them with about 8 shades of Alclad.

This SOB broke off.


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