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1/48 Hasegawa F-4G Conversion to a QF-4 Aerial Target

I finally finished this thing after 3 months of work. It's a relatively simple kit with only about 4 pages of instructions, but I guess I tend to obsess about the little things that in the end probably don't matter. Anyway, I used Mr Paints throughout, although I did use a few Alclad paints on the rear end. Airbrushing was completely freehand and I didn't use any masking materials other than on the tail parts and canopy. I layered different shades of the same colors in order to get that mottled, sun-bleached effect. I mixed the greens using a variety of greens from the Mr Paint line, then added a little yellow and white, and black and red to alter the shading a bit.

The front canopy is from an Academy F-4J with some Eduard PE added. The original

was a bit bland and since I had extra parts from the Academy kit, I decided to take advantage of it. It would fit in the closed position, but it didn't matter in this case.

The pitot is missing because the kit piece is a bit chunky. I have a metal one on order.

The mottling of the paint is more visible in this shot. I had originally pre-shaded the fuse after I primed it, but all that disappeared once I finished layering on the colors. I ended up post-shading it and I am very happy with the results. I think this will be my new method of choice for this type of camouflage.

I used the hairspray technique on the inlets and around the canopy in order to chip and wear the paint off. I prefer this to adding silver paint with a sponge or brush afterwards.


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