• George

1/48 AMK MiG-31: The Process Begins

As with most jet kits, I began with the assembly and painting of the cockpit, and AMK provides a beautiful rendition of it. I purchased the upgrade kit from AMK that includes unpainted PE seatbelts, and decals for the instruments. I am not a fan of pre-printed photo etch primarily because the colors are crap. The ink/paint they apply to these things chips easily and looks like really bad low res printing. I opted instead to use the aforementioned decals and I'm glad I did. They fit perfectly over the contours of the istrument panels after a few applications of Mr Mark Softer. I carefully clipped off the seatbelt buckels and attached them to very thin strips of wine bottle foil. This is much easier to shape into random folds that the super stiff PE ones. I painted the tub the weird Soviet-era turquoise color from with paint from Mr Paint.

Before I go any further let me say this is probably the best kit I have ever built. The fit is ultra-precise and the level of detail is first rate.


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