• George

1/44 Revell Ekranoplan

I purchased this kit about 15 years ago and like most other kits, has sat on a shelf all that time. I finally decided to do something with it and since I like distressed/abandoned Soviet aircraft, I decided I would build a little diorama of it.

Construction is pretty straightforward and the kit builds up to a very nice representation of an Orlyonok.

The fit is quite good, but unfortunately, I lost one of the pieces that mounts onto the inside of the forward fuselage that holds one of the jet exhaust nozzles. It was really no big deal to fabricate a new one although some of the compound curves were a little tricky to get right. I little glue and a little putty smoothed things out almost perfectly. I din't use the rather simplistci intake screens and made my own out of a piece of SS mesh that I got from a cabin air filter manufacturer years ago.


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