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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ho 229 Frame and Engine Structure

I attached the engines to the bottom tubular structure and completed the assembly of the frame. There is an interesting "junction box" on the top that looks to be a power distribution box of some sort. I saw vague references to it on the internet so I wired it anyway. It'll certainly add a lot of visual interest to the model. I drilled out the connectors one by one with a .012" diameter drill bit and inserted .010" diameter lengths of lead wire into each one. There are a total of 16. 8 of these will be run to the cockpit where there is a similar looking control box and the remainder to the engines.

I still need to do a little touch-up work to the frame and some light weathering. The various molded nut and bolts will be painted with darken steel-colored acrylic paint.

Overall view of the frame and engines.

Forward section of the frame. The cockpit frame attaches to the protruding frame.

Aft section of frame. The tip of the port exhaust cone needs a little touch-up. You can see the junction box in the center.

I strapped the wires to the frame with copper wire strands to simulate a temporary attachment.

More to come.


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