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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ho 229 Cockpit Framing

This took a few hours to complete as there are so many little things that need attention. I scraped all the mold lines off with a #11 scalpel blade. This is a long, thn blade that allows you to get into tight areas. I then applied little dabs of masking solution on all the areas that will be glued (and there are lots of them). After that dried, I sprayed my primer coat of white Mr Paint primer followed by several shades of Mr Paint black for tires. I painted the areas near joints dark and kept top-facing areas lighter. This helps to modulated the shading to give the impression of light and shadow. I applied the right hand console decals and let everything dry over night.

Assembly was a bit tricky because I wanted everything to line up perfectly. glued the starboard side, first, then add the control pedals (which I didn't glue), then added the port side frame. The instrument panel was added last and this proved to be quite fiddly so I glued one side at a time.

The cockpit framing in place. I weathered it lightly to keep it consistent with the rest of the frame. The instrument panel is well detailed and I will paint it, decal it and install it later.

The wheel assemblies are pretty much done, too. The main wheel is monstrously huge. The tire is molded in halves with beautifully raised detail with the rims also molded in halves. I built th gear, first, then installed the rims/tire. I did this without prying the gear assembly apart and without scratching the freshly painted tire and rim parts. I did this by attaching one rim half to the tire (without gluing), then carefully snaking the tire/rim around the arms of the gear leg so now the wheel was held in place by one of the gear leg arms. I then slid the other half of the rim carefully onto the tire and the whole thing snapped together perfectly. The rim halves are on without the use of any glue.

I wrapped a strip of Bare Metal Foil around the oleo, weathered everything and gave it a final dusting of Mr Paint clear matte varnish.


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