• George

1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair

I've had this kit sitting on the shelf for almost three years now and it's about time I got started on it. I just finished the amazing Z-M Ho-229 and I'm hoping this kit will be just as much fun.

The only after market accessories I purchased for it are a set of Montex masks, and Eduard placard PE set, and HGW seatbelts.

I started with the cockpit and problems have already arisen. All my fault, of course. I forgot that I should probably have read the instructions that came with the PE set before starting. So, after assmbling many of the tiny components, I saw that the placards required removal of surface detail on the Tamiya parts. I fucking hate PE and don't know why I decided to go that route. Anyway, I scraped away as much as I could and as carefully as I could, but ended up damaging some of the parts. I don't think the damage will show, but it was enough to piss me off big time.

I guess I need to establish a "rhythm" with this kit and forget I ever built the Ho. Things are just not falling into place even at this early stage.

Lots and lots of parts. I hope this one doesn't take 4 months to build.

Need to research F4U interiors.


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