• George

1/32 F4U-1A- The build Continues

I glued the fuse halves together. The fit was pretty good, but I ended up with a tiny mismatch of the halves. I sanded the ledges down, but have to re-scribe a couple of lines and restore some rivets.

I messed up when sanding the seams and took a bit of paint off of the instrument combing that I have to restore now. What a pain in the ass!

The firewall and exhausts waiting to be weathered. I should have looked at some references before painting it. Tamiya's instructions call for aluminum, but I think I've seen some painted in Zinc Chromate. I may take it all apart and start over. The exhausts are a bit too shiny and need to be toned down. These are painted using Alclad Pale Burnt metal and Exhaust Manifold.


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